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Dynamic-Metal Sp. z o.o.


Dynamic-Metal Sp z o.o. [Ltd.] which employs approx. 100 people, was founded in 1987.

To date, we have built dozens of industrial facilities, we have completed several innovative projects and made many services as a realization of a range of works (sewerage, steel structures, earthworks).

We have gained the trust of major investors, thus we are building more facilities for the same customers and we are constantly gaining new ones.

We are happy to share our experience developed at a number of difficult sites. We participate in the construction process at the design stage suggesting best practices. Our own specialized equipment for building and transport largely allows us to free ourselves from dependence on subcontractors. Dynamic Metal’s services are competitively priced.

An additional advantage is our facilities in the form of Metal Products Plant.

We have influence on the production process of steel constructions, from the stage of ordering through the control of the production process, all the way until the anti-corrosion protection. We are able to adjust and adapt our constructions to the conditions on the site.

We work with renowned manufacturers of building materials and plumbing, continuously improving the quality of our services.

Our dedication and professionalism have been reflected in many certificates, awards and references.

Please have a look at our recent construction implementations.