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Metalwork production

516 170 800 | 56 645 96 83 | 56 645 96 81

Metalwork production
Buckets, clamshell buckets, steel constructions


With professional technical staff and necessary machinery equipment we manufacture various attachments for excavators, loaders, excavator loaders and telehandlers.

We use our extensive experience acquired over the years of service and our own design office during the implementation of non-standard orders.

Our offer includes:

Mining buckets, versatile – jaws buckets, ditch clearing buckets, hydraulic ditch clearing buckets, trapezoidal, openwork, capacitive buckets, clamshell buckets for digging and handling, specialized buckets (eg. to dig wells, handling scrap; to transport tires, manure, waste), log grab clamshell to handle and segregate wood (the log pulpwood, etc.), rotating forklifts, snow plows, quick couplers for excavators and loaders - operated mechanically or hydraulically.

To learn more about the equipment please contact us on: 516 170 800 (56) 645 96 81.83.